The Untold Story of Cross-Racial Cooperation and Friendship in America

Monday, February 18, 2019, 7 p.m.
Methodist Meeting House, 495 Main Street, Wareham, MA  02571
Admission:  Members: Free, Non-members:  $2.00
Contact for more information on this program:  Angela M. Dunham, 508-295-8578

Ann Landry, a member of the National Center for Race Amity Advisory Board (NCRA), will speak on “Race Amity and the Other Tradition” on Monday, February 18th, at the Wareham Historical Society, 495 Main Street, at 7:00PM.  Ms. Landry will introduce and discuss a different perspective regarding the history of race relations in America – one that focuses on close collaboration and friendship (i.e. Race Amity), rather than racial discrimination and oppression. Known as “The Other Tradition“, this view which is often ignored in history books is at the center of many instances where social justice has advanced. These are the stories from which inspiration can be found and include examples of well-known American heroes and those who worked closely with them such as Dr. Martin Luther King and Rabbi Joshua Heschel, Cesar Chavez and Fred Ross, Harriet Tubman and Thomas Garrett, etc.

The National Center for Race Amity (NCRA) was established in January 2010 to call attention to the history of Race Amity in America and to promote the stories underlying cross racial/cultural  friendships. In promoting awareness of this legacy, the NCRA’s intent is to change the conversation on race by moving away from the usual “blame, grievance, rejection” cycle and moving toward an understanding which embodies our nation’s motto – “EPluribus Unum” – …”out of many, one” – which is featured on the Presidential Seal.

Other initiatives of the NCRA include:

  • Campus Conversations on Race” — a structured curriculum to promote open conversations on issues of race and justice on college campuses
  • The annual Race Amity Convention serving to promote conversations and education around issues of race and social justice
  • The Annual Race Amity Day celebration which for the past 8 years has been held on the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston
  • The “E Pluribus Unum” initiative to establish a National Race Amity Day.

In 2015, through the initiative of the NCRA, the Massachusetts Legislature established that annually the second Sunday in June will be forever “Race Amity Day” in Massachusetts. (H2745, Ch 163 of Acts of 2015).  In February 2016, Governor Baker signed this into law, making Massachusetts the first in the nation to officially recognize Race Amity Day.

Please join us in learning about this “other tradition”; one which offers hope and a way forward.

For more information on Race Amity:

Local contact: Joanne Outchcunis – Tel. 508-295-3499

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