Click on the links below to read the Historic Buildings Survey report prepared for the Wareham Historical Society by Durland  Van Voorhis Architects in 2013.

Historic Buildings Survey1

Historic Buildings Survey2

The first link contains the following sections:

Part I Executive Summary
Part II Great Neck Union Chapel
Part III Old District School No. 6
Part IV Old Methodist Meeting House
Part IV Fearing Tavern Museum
Part V Captain Kendrick House

The second link includes appendices, including:

A Structural Report by Boston Building Consultants
B Great Neck Union Chapel Photographs
C Great Neck Union Chapel – Miscellaneous Articles & Images
D Old District School No 6 Photographs
E Old District School No 6 – Miscellaneous Articles & Images
F Old Methodist Meeting House Photographs
G Old Methodist Meeting House – Miscellaneous Articles & Images
H Fearing Tavern Museum Photographs
I Fearing Tavern Museum – Miscellaneous Articles & Images
J Captain Kendrick House Photographs
K Captain Kendrick House – Miscellaneous Articles & Images
L National Park Service Preservation Brief 47: Maintaining Small & Medium Sized Historic Buildings


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