Upcoming Event: America and Japan – Historic Local Connections

A Special Symposium Hosted by the Wareham Historical Society at the New Bedford Whaling Museum

Thursday, March 16, 2017
7 P.M.
Admission is Free

Mr. Scott Ridley, from Harwich, MA, is the author of Morning of Fire, Captain John Kendrick’s biography. Mr. Ridley will discuss Captain Kendrick’s historic arrival in Japanese waters in 1791 and the recent discovery of a ship’s log that relates that historic event day by day. Captain Kendrick left the port of Boston 225 years ago while his family waited in Wareham, MA for his return.

Mr. Gerry Rooney, President and CEO, Whitfield-Manjiro Society, Inc. Mr. Rooney will introduce the culture of Japan at the time of Manjiro in 1841 and the role New Bedford Whaling ships played.  Mr. Rooney will discuss Manjiro, his arrival in Fairhaven, MA, his return to Japan, his role in re-opening Japan by Commodore Perry and the connection that is still celebrated today.

Dr. Matthew Perry, from Bristol, Rhode Island and Maryland, is a fourth generation descendent of the Commodore.  Dr. Perry served as a Naval Officer in the 1960s, had a 45 year career as a wildlife biologist and now leads ecotourism trips throughout the world. Dr. Perry travels frequently to Japan as part of cultural exchanges and gives lectures on Commodore Perry. Dr. Perry will present a lecture on Commodore Matthew Perry.

Mr. Hayato Sakurai is Curator of Taiji Historical Archives and Advisory Curator to the New Bedford Whaling Museum. Mr. Sakurai recently coordinated the 225 th  Commemoration of Captain Kendrick’s arrival in Kushimoto Town, Japan in 1791. He will discuss the November 1, 2016 commemoration and current renovations of two Japanese museums that focus on the early US-Japan relationship.

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